• “The Hot Stone massage that Faith gave me is the best massage I've ever gotten. It was absolutely relaxing and rejuvenating.”

    - Carolyn Thomas, The Feng Shui ArQitect and Author of "Change Your Sheets, Change Your Love Life"

  • “You are REALLY good.”

    - Jennifer Costa, Oscar Blandi Salon, NYC

  • “The combination of massage techniques, aromatherapy and energetic work gave me the relief I have long been seeking.”

    - Cathy Yi, Physical Therapist, Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • “Pure relief! Faith's massages are a rejuvenating whole body and mind experience.”

    - - Liane Pardo-Mansfield, Director of Student Services, Everest University

  • “You have magic hands.”

    - - - Anne Gandy, Maitland, FL

How To Use Oils

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Balancing Body, Mind & Soul.

Balance – We are all searching for balance in life.  Balance between time for self, work, family, health & fitness, spirituality, recreation – the list goes on.  The body is in a constant quest for balance.  In scientific terms, this quest for balance is known as homeostasis.  When the body’s systems are even a little off something just doesn’t feel right.  We feel slightly off.  Massage therapy has the ability to bring life back into balance.  The therapeutic effects of massage therapy have been well documented.  People feel less stressed, more energized and focused.  They are able to handle challenges better. 

The benefit of a massage isn’t only for when you’re body is not feeling right –to fix that crick in your neck.  Do you only bring your car in for servicing when it breaks down?  What about regular maintenance.  Most of us at least get our oil changed every 3,000 – 5,000 miles.  Why not do the same for yourself?  Utilize massage therapy as a preventative tool.  You can head things off at the pass by taking care of you, your body, your mind and your soul.